Foreign Customers


X-ECT is a Dutch company. We're selling audiophile products to audio enthousiasts. Our aims are mostly at high-end audio market. When choosing dealerships we are very critical at performance of the products. For us it's essential that products are consistent with our targets. 
By doing so we can achieve an optimum between "emotion as in music" and "quality as in passion". This is our main goal.

You can order in our webshop if you like. We do not have an automated paying system for customers living outside The Netherlands. Just follow payment directions and when possible choose:
< I'm living out of the Netherlands >

After receiving your request we send you an email with payment instructions as consistent with your country. Payments have to be fullfilled in euro's. After receiving your payment we will send your order by TNT-post.

For further information and requests please send an email to

Thank you for your interest for us!